Goodbyes and Endings


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"Goodbyes and Endings" è il primo EP di Her Skin, registrato da Lorenzo Gaddi e uscito nel Settembre 2015. Parla di addii e del riuscire a mettere da parte i sentimenti per vederli ricoprirsi di neve con il passare del tempo. Registrato in un solo pomeriggio, "Goodbyes and Endings" suona così com'è uscito dalla cameretta: cuore, voce e chitarra.
Tutte le canzoni sono scritte, suonate e cantate da Her Skin.
Her Skin è Sara Ammendolia.


released September 19, 2015



all rights reserved


HER SKIN Modena, Italy

Singer, songwriter. Lover of photography, nature, live music, books, art, wilderness, traveling, tea and coffee drinking and people. Not in that order.

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Track Name: Now That We're Done
This night is getting gloomy
and you work downstairs
It’s a long way to the other room
full of wolves and bears
I put away my clothes
just for a change

I walked along a thousands streets
while you were gone
Until I lost my way
and perished of the cold
You will see my face
growing older every day
with you

The sweeping up the heart
and putting love behind the shelf
Now I can’t help but miss you
when I’m sleeping by myself
You will see my face
growing older every day
and I blame you
Track Name: Super-Villain
You, not like me
you’re the one who likes to bleed
and from the amber it’s disclosed
but you still can’t see
I know this town, I know how could
and how it couldn’t be
but you ain’t me

You, not like me
you’re the one who likes to cry
and when you do and I’m around
I get tongue-tied
But I am not sorry and it’s not compassion
and what you see don’t judge a fool
‘cause it’s the only thing I’ll be

Super-Villain not for me
you’re just an heavy sound delayed
but I will wait another second and then
I’ll turn you off
You’ll never ever start to understand
Track Name: Avalanches
A morning shining through the frost
in the mountains up above
now, tell me if you mourn me too
and in a moment I’ll be lost

I wonder if you found in me
all the rivers that you seek
I wasn’t even half of me
your half made me a whole

But we all know silence is gold
but it made us all too old
And when avalanches start to fall
the heart goes cold
snow mantled love

The sweetest sadness in your eyes
when words age like wine
I’ll be the first to see today
dust dancing in the light

I wonder if you found in me
all the ghosts you try to be
I wasn’t even half of me
your half made me a whole
Track Name: Paperback Tales
When I’ll leave I’ll bring with me
all the memories that we keep
and the burning pain I’m getting used to

Tender is the night
when the ocean is by your side
I miss your face like hell when I’m not beside you

So please horse keep your move
while this tale is out of tune
these trees are blooming in December

I will ride hidden ways
that lead to all my pain
in the shadow is the prettiest landscape

But I trusted you from a smile
and the second glass of wine
now in the valley glow I think about you